Vocational Education & Training Institute



Greetings distinguished alumni of our great institution The Christian Education Theological Institute and Seminary. I am extremely delighted and honored to be able to inform you that our esteemed founder and president Rev. Dr. C. H. Brown has authorized the formation of our institution’s Alumni Association. Please note the mission of our organization will be to promote the vision of our founder and to ensure that the biblical framework of the institution is demonstrated with integrity but also the financial needs and aspirations of the institution are attained and sound. This can only be done through the commitment and dedication of each and everyone of you. To that end, I am certain that each of you realize that any successful organization or business requires finance therefore we will be instituting a membership fee for our alumni association. The initial membership fee will be $50, with a yearly dues of $25. By the grace of God membership forms will be available at the dedication service of our Myrtle Beach campus on Friday night, March 6, 2020. It is my hope that you will join us for this auspicious occasion and of course come prepared not only to support the Myrtle Beach campus but to complete your Alumni Association membership.


Bishop Barbara C. Moore